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Workshops for 2017

Cape Cod MA October 2-6, 2017

Cape Cod MA

What you will learn

The focus of the three workshops is the same: finding a strong design, or composition, before you start to paint. Then learning to hold that idea, impose it on the landscape, rather that letting the infinite complexity of nature confound and dictate your result.

We will start a new painting each morning and afternoon of the workshop. In that way the steps of searching for, framing and designing your paintings becomes second nature. Building each new painting on the foundation of a strong composition will help eliminate reworking and overworking. You will find it dramatically improves your success rate.


For Cape Cod

Please download the application form and send it along with a check for $200 USD, made out to Atelier Saint-Luc, to 12240 Dorothy St. Los Angeles CA 90049. The balance will be due 60 days before the workshop.

Cost $700 USD

Meals and accomodations

Each participant will be responsible for their own accomodation. All locations have a range of options for price. Each participant will be responsible for their meals although we will take lunches together and two or three dinners for those interested in eating together as as group.


If you have any question, please use the contact form.